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How to improve self-confident and gain self-control with awareness – Episode#3 of Self-Improvement

Are you confidence what does that mean to be confidence it is important to have confidence in this video we will look into it coming up hi I’m Virina Rohland and I’m a life designer I help people to get…

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This Will Help Your Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence And Increase Your Personal Power

Hi everyone well I have an inspiration for another video and it’s about self-esteem oh my god you feel for example our farming Oh I have self-esteem that doesn’t mean anything right because what is that self-esteem but if you…

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Self Esteem – Understanding & Fixing Low Self-Esteem

Hey this is Leo for actualize org and in this video I’m going to talk about self-esteem alrighty let’s break into this topic of self-esteem self-esteem is a very rich and deep topic and it affects the quality and the…

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