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Top 4 Self Development Podcasts You Must Listen To | Best Self Help Podcasts

In this video I’m gonna be breaking down the top self-development podcast that you can listen to today on Spotify or Apple and I personally find that podcasts as well as audiobooks, are a great way to kill two birds with one stone. What do I mean by that? What I mean, is when I’m doing repetitive tasks like laundry or I’m traveling to a different location sometimes you’ve got nothing to do but you can just listen to some audio books and I always find that I end up listening to self-development podcasts the reason I do this is because I’m quite fascinated with expanding your mind thinking differently listening to interviews with inspiring and successful people and so like I said in this video I’ll be breaking down the best self-development podcasts that I personally listen to on a frequent basis that have allowed me to grow and become a much happier and better person the first podcast on this list is motivate yourself with Richard Nichols this is a podcast by Richard Nichols who is a British psychologist and he goes very much in-depth into the actual study and research of what makes us tick as humans how we can unlock a mind to have clear thoughts be happier embrace gratitude appreciate the little things in life and so much more his podcast is very very grounded in reality he doesn’t tend to leave you with these high concepts up in the air and that don’t feel tangible he likes to break it down for you into bite-sized chunks and allows you to just understand over short 20 minute episodes that he puts out there not these long hour hour-and-a-half podcast episodes that many many people do he’s very short and sweet and he gets straight to the point and he can give you so many golden nuggets that could really just unlock something in your mind and I find it a very he’s a very positive manner very kind man you can tell that through his voice and with him being a psychologist he knows how to deliver the which is that he wants to get across to you in such a simple and effective way compared to other people who do self-development podcasts or YouTube videos who shout what you try and motivate you and it it comes off slightly it rubs off on you in the wrong way and sometimes can actually leave you ignoring that message of resisting and pushing back whereas Richford he doesn’t do that he really holds your hand and takes you through each episode to teach you something specific I really really love his podcast the only thing the only downside I can really say about this podcast is the fact that he doesn’t upload often you’ll get about one podcast a month if that sometimes and you kind of look forward to the next one so every single time that you see that he’s uploading a new podcast you’re really really excited I’m ready to go and listen to it I believe that there are over 300 episodes already and so this is the first time hearing about his podcast I recommend you check it out because you’ve got a lot to catch up on podcast number two is the Tim Ferriss show if you’re into entrepreneurship self development psychology you definitely would have heard of Tim Ferriss he’s one of the longest running podcasters and that’s because he creates incredible podcasts with amazing guests and he dives incredibly deep into the subjects that he has with these individuals these are not all famous celebrities and successful people who is interviewing these can be very very specific people who very much know behind the scenes of much more successful people and he what he does is he speaks to these people and he breaks it down into actionable small bite-size pieces but with a lot of depth Tim Ferriss when he interviews someone these these podcasts can be up to like three hours long or they can be an hour long but over that time what you’ll find is he will dramatically dig deep into what makes that person tick to find out the best tools tactics tips that have allowed them or someone that they’ve worked with to get to that next level and he’ll share it with you so in Ferris is notably called the human guinea pig because he always test these things on himself he’s done an amazing amount of things in his life he’s had a lot of experiences they gave him a key insight and in his podcast he always goes into depth and provides that to you from his own experiences I really recommend it the format of his show as well as actual guests are very similar to the Joe Rogan experience if you’ve ever heard that podcast there’s a very very similar however I would say Joe Rogan tends to lean more to the entertainment side with these guests when he’s digging deep and peeling back the the layers to their stories it’s in farish’s more on the educational side and about peeling back those layers to learn about their knowledge what motivates them their skills and so they are very similar to their you know two sides to the same coin the third podcast that you’re going to be able to listen to today to help you with self development is the project life mastery podcast now this podcast is absolutely incredible because this is the guy you need to go to Stefan James if you want to master so many areas of your life this can include your happiness your well-being the money your career your relationships your mindset and and every area of your life this is the guy that wants to be a master in all of them and he’s done a tremendous job in doing so you can go ahead and look at his youtube channel where he was several years ago and look at where he is now and the growth that he has had it’s it’s incredible and in his podcast he goes through all of these topics and they’re quite long they can last from 20 minutes up to an hour plus all breaking down these things for you he is all about making sure that you are the best version of yourself now his podcast is not necessarily a podcast in the traditional way it’s much more of an audio rip of his actual YouTube videos so I actually prefer to not so much listen to his podcast but actually watch his videos because I’m much more of a visual person I like to see someone when they’re speaking but he’s handy to have his podcast episode at hand for the audio version I really recommend that you check him out if you’re into self-development he’s someone out of all of this list who I can say really goes deep and and doesn’t just talk about it he proves that he actually does the things that he’s recommending the fourth podcast on this list is the Chase Jarvis show now I absolutely love chase if you’re into creative entrepreneurship or business on mindset this is a great great podcast that goes in-depth into these areas with some amazing guests including Richard Branson Gary Vaynerchuk Seth Godin Daymond John you know the list goes on and on very very big people Titans of their industry and it’s very very much a relaxed show where they’re on like two sofas and they just chat these can be you know an hour long again to an hour and a half but the reason why this is so different is because Chase Jarvis is such a nice genuine guy and he comes at it very calm and collective and whilst he may be very motivated and driven he’s not intense and rah rah rah rah like many entrepreneurs are in podcasts and videos I’m sure you know many of them who are all shouting and trying to like motivate you and sometimes you can just put you off it doesn’t it doesn’t hit your soul in a way whereas Chase is much more like it’s just chilling with a friend listening to them talk about these great topics which is why I’m recommending that to you he also is a podcaster that has a video form of his podcast on his YouTube channel which you can also check out here is a fifth bonus podcast episode and it’s called connecting the dots this podcast is all about documenting self-development and interviews with others about having a growth mindset being happy having gratitude and and really focusing on the very similar topics that the previous four podcast episodes have had connecting the dots is a podcast by me I had to kind of slip that one in there but this is a podcast that I don’t necessarily upload to any this was something I did last year I’ve got about four or five podcast episodes up there where I interview some really really great people one of my favorite podcast episodes of that which I recommend to you is with Renaldo Lawrence which is an Adobe Microsoft and Apple education leader and he just talks so much with so much positivity about how we can change and influence our lives through education self education specifically and I really recommend out if you want to check it out there is a link in the description below and if you kind of like those podcasts and I get some positive feedback maybe I’ll go back and start to make podcast episodes there again if you enjoyed this video and you like self-development what you clearly do if you’ve got this far in the video make sure you check out all of the other videos on this YouTube channel think life freedom as there are some amazing videos here I document my online journey when it comes to self-development and developing an online business there’s a two topics that this YouTube channel is all built around it’s about having life freedom and building that up so that you have to live your life on your own terms it’s something that I really deeply value and that’s what this youtube channel is about so if that interests you in any way please click some of these videos Hill on either side of me and check out the YouTube channel be sure to give this video a like and subscribe if you did like it I have a great day and I’ll see you all in the next one

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