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3 Things That Ruin Self Improvement

I mean don’t pick I’m gonna be the number one 16-year-old track and field star when you’re like in your 30s because time control or time travel doesn’t exist Question of the day what is one thing that you thought should have improved your life that actually ended up making it worse. 1’m Marlon and on this channel, I share with you tips and strategies in ways that you can actually improve your life now when you’re entering the world of self-improvement there are a few things that you need to watch yourself first so you don’t fall into these bad habits and one of the major ones is comparing yourself to the author now a lot of these books they all go to the process of explaining how they overcame their hardship and how they got to this point there’s a saying that don’t compare yourself to somebody’s middle or their end so don’t compare yourself to them your main purpose of getting that book or going to that seminar or listening to that audiobook is to absorb information so you can apply it to your life and that is how you should go into this I am here to absorb information that will be beneficial to me yes the Arthur might be worth 3 million 10 million 6 billion dollars that is amazing for them that is not your money and you are not them you are you and what you need to do is say oh well they got to this point what can I absorb from them that will improve my situation right now and I don’t mean right now is in this week or this month I mean physically that moment what can you absorb that will start benefiting you the second you hear it and I’ll use an example so one of the books that I’ve read had asked you a simple question are you willing and out of that whole book that is the only thing I remember and what I do now pass this point is when I’m having any hard situation or if there’s something I’m trying to do the choice on I always ask myself are you willing to deal with the consequences of not doing this or are you willing to go that extra mile and I instantly started using that within my life and that’s what I recommend for you if you’re someone that uses calories or schedules put it on your calendar put on your schedule the next thing is a corn size with the comparison feeling like you’re not good enough and it still goes with the whole comparison thing a lot of these what these self-improve ebooks want you to set goals for yourselves which is good if you’re not aiming for anything you’re even for nothing Zig Ziglar cell said that and if you set your goals ridiculously high and you don’t go through the process of planning it out or even starting those small steps to get to that goal it can get overwhelming and you might feel like you’re not worthy of getting to this hole and I can tell you myself you are worried to get to this goal I mean don’t pick I’m gonna be the number one 16 year old track and field star when you’re like in your 30s because time control or tight time travel doesn’t exist don’t pick something ridiculous like that but pick your goal out take your time and plan it backwards so you can see where your starting point is and if you need to accelerate accelerate don’t pick your goal and just leave it there because it’ll sit there the other thing I would say as far as self-improvement would go is getting too much information and overloading yourself now I try to listen to at least one audio book a week a lot of people say listen to to week one a day that’s all fine for me personally I like one a week and no reason like one a week is because I do listening at while I am driving and while I’m a computer at home and I tend to rewind every time I go to a different medium so if I go for my car I’ll rewind a chapter we listen to the previous chapter if I go to my computer I same thing if I do just from my phone same thing I rewind that chapter so I get a refresher where so it does take me a little bit longer to finish my books but I also sent them in a little bit higher speed so for me a week is a very good time for you you need to figure out what that good time term is I don’t mean sit there and go through five six books in one week and you have all this information in your head and you have all these places you need to start and you’re like oh well I gotta do psyche I just got this I gotta sit down to make a plan and and do this and this is this sit down I make the plan that’s always a good idea but try to limit the amount of information you get and start adding it on it because one thing you’ll start to notice as you go through these self-improvement books a lot of information is actually repeating a lot of it will start to feel like review and you have to make sure you take those little small snippets out of whatever self-improvement book you’re doing and apply it to your life so those are my three things I would actually end up saying to watch out for make sure you don’t compare yourself to the author make sure you don’t set your goal so high without a plan that you start feeling you’re not worthy when you are and the last one don’t overload yourself with so much information that you have no idea what to do anyways I’m Marlon please make sure you rate comment and subscribe and there’s another video somewhere eventually it’ll show up if you didn’t show up already well besides that I’ll see you guys later

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