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Self Care is NOT always SEXY!

Can we not dismantle or just completely disregard this Hot Topic, this buzzword that is Self-Care lately? Which is just basically boiled down to the idea of you taking an epsom salt bath and eating a piece of chocolate occasionally. As if that somehow dilutes or deflects all the stress that is your life! You know what the fact that Self-Care is such a hot topic, a trending topic right now, speaks volumes to HOW SICK, sick we are as a SOCIETY. And Self-Care, as of today, is nothing more than you just renting a pocket of sanity in your otherwise chaos and stressful life. But you know what, YOUR CHAOS is neither an EXCUSE or SOLUTION to all the challenges for your life. Self-Care is NOT SEXY!! And in many cases it’s a matter of you having to get up at a.m. so that you can give your body a chance to have physical time for activity.

It’s eating radically different foods so your body actually has a chance to fuel the day that you’ve prepared for it. You know what, it’s looking at your kid and saying, “You know what, we don’t have time to do 4 different sports and you’re probably not going to make it to the NFL anyway!’ It’s looking your husband dead in the eye and saying “You know what, it’s time you man up and reconnect with your family!” It’s time you look in your wife’s eyes and say. “You know what, a 100% of my energy and emotion can’t be spent on trying to cheer you up all the time!” Yeah I’m passionate about this subject because Self-Care is NOT Self-Care anymore! It’s about DOING the HARD WORK, the NECESSARY WORK for you to NOT BE a victim in somebody else’s story, especially your own.

And you will NEVER be cast the HERO in a story that somebody else wrote for you! So YOUR FUTURE is what YOU WRITE of it! STOP being a victim! STOP trying to rent pockets of sanity and go about the HARD, DAILY, incredibly IMPORTANT WORK of Self-Care! That’s what self-care is! It’s radically SHIFTING your MINDSET, your DAILY program, and then your LIFE and your FUTURE so that YOU, your husband, your wife, your family, your kids have an EXAMPLE of a HERO, rather than this whole victim mentality! .

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