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Self Help For Depression 😌 – 7 Tips To Help Manage Depression (2019)

I will show you seven tips to manage your depression things you can implement into your life and Let’s get started First of all What is depression all about? Do do you know the answer? Also the symptoms? What causes depression? What possibilities do you have to treat depression? If you don’t have the answer simply switch over to Google, pick a book You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to have a PhD but a little knowledge will simplify your life As an example: if you buy a new product something You don’t have any clue about it. You normally do what you normally do is you read the manual so Do yourself a favor and read a little bit about depression Then we have The sleep pattern.

Sleep patterns are really important. Make sure you simply have seven to eight hours a day of sleep. The more the better, but tend to have at least seven to eight hours a day Then we have the meals. I tend to eat two to three meals and at least one healthy meal a day. I Use myself a shake. It’s protein. It’s a mix of protein Carbs and fats. It’s a powder I mix it and it’s simply a shake mixed with water It’s called Huel So ‘h,u,e,l” It is at least one healthy product a day Yeah, that’s my experience, so make sure you have at least Two to three meals a day and try to get one healthy food day, even if it’s just an apple Next thing is get outside. Get out Breathe fresh air. Leave your house Even if you’re just walking around block. Five minutes is better than nothing Next thing is make a journal journal Write your thoughts, get your thoughts on paper.

I Did with myself when I had severe depression and it helped really a lot because you have It feels like you have 100,000 thoughts a day, if that’s enough.. To say, but get your thoughts on paper. Write it down What’s in your mind, on your mind write it down, get down on paper It helped me. Maybe it can help you Next thing is Relaxation Again, if it’s just five minutes, but five minutes is better than nothing So what you can do is for instance just meditate or just close your eyes, listen to music Do nothing Sit on your chair for instance and Take your time to relax for at least five minutes you can increase it a Bit of time but take your time to relax for at least five minutes a day And the last thing I want to talk about is Keep your mind busy With something else.

Do something you need really focus because If you have free time, free time means thinking time and thinking time (if you are depressed) you and I know that means mental hell and Maybe you have something you’ve stopped for no reason in your youth and Maybe you can do it once more. Maybe it is an hobby you stopped for no reason, but do something that really keeps your mind busy play with children do a puzzle or you know what I mean It can be really something little but do something about that keeps your mind busy.

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