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Why people Procrastinate | Self-Improvement & Self-Growth (Goal-Setting)

I’m going to share with you why people procrastinate okay let us get something the following are some of the more popular reason why most people procrastinate number one the famous I don’t know excuse this is one of the most popular excuses given when an individual is not really interested in getting a particular task done number two not challenging enough this is another poor excuse often given by those who are looking for rain out of getting something done number three not feeling lucky this is actually plain and simple laziness but it would not be acknowledged as such by the individual falling back on this excuse the individual will try always and means to avoid doing the particular task a sign although most progressive eaters are capable of using also an every reason to avoid doing or completing something there are sometimes powerful underlining inferences that cause the individual to procrastinate exploring this contributing factors may allow an individual to eventually break this negative cycle effectively the following are some of the common fear factors that often cause the individual to procrastinate number one fear of failure sometimes even the heat of possible failure can effectively keep the individual from even wanting to make an attempt and a particular past this failure is perceived by them to be crippling both men and physically as they seems to be very afraid to having to face such possibility this could be due to many connecting factors one of which could be the need to be and look accomplished and successful always this could stem from back experience which the individual has yet to come to terms with therefore conveniently using this particular excuse as a good way to eject procrastination into the equation although this can be sometimes be the real challenge using this as an excuse would not help the individual neither very helped to build good character elements drop me a line in the comment section share with us your experience are you procrastinating now why are you procrastinating we would like to hear from you

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