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Learn More About Self-Improvement – VC Devaraj Jeevaratnam

Hello everyone, it’s me again a.k.a XO. Nice to meet you all of you in this episode of The Change. Today specifically I want to speak about self improvement. All of us is struggling every day to improve ourself. Wherever we go, our mentor always says, “Improve yourself. Improve yourself, you must change, you must grow.” And all of us is knocking our head how to do this. For example, some of us, because of our age, our body is not in good shape anymore. We started planning on having a nice solid body. What do we do? We start planning to go to the gym, we start to enrol ourself in some gym activity; pay the downpayment, pay the membership fee, monthly fees, so on and so forth. By the time we realise it, by the end of the year, we paid everything but we haven’t stepped into the gym. Anyone of you who experienced this before? So how do we get ourself involved or engage ourselves in changing ourselves? Let’s use exercise for example. We say we can’t exercise at home, we can’t exercise in our hotel room because we don’t have the equipment, we must go to the gym, blah blah blah.

Is that true? Over the weekend, I had this opportunity to basically attend training with our founder Mr. Bismark, and he was basically teaching about how we can actually change ourselves without requiring us to put aside one hour a day, half an hour a day just to do something. He says, and he asked me, “Can you set aside one minute?” I said “One minute?” Hey, even going to loo takes more than one minute. True? It takes me more than one minute. One minute? I said, “Of course.” I said, “What do I do in one minute?” he says “Easy.

Can you do a push-up for one minute?” I said, “Of course.” “How many can you do?” I said “Not much. Because I’m not that strong, maybe 10.” He said., “Good.” “Now”, he said, “When you wake up in the morning, can you do 10 push-ups before you go to the toilet?” I said, “Yeah, possible.” He said, “Good.” “Before you leave your house, can you do another ten?” I said, “Yeah, possible.” “When you come back home before you do anything, can you do another ten?” I said, “Of course.” “Before you shower again, can you do another ten??” I said, “Yes.” “Before you sleep, can you do another ten?” I said, “Possible because it’s only one minute.” So he says, our failure of doing things that we really wanted to do is not about we don’t know how to do it but it is about us managing ourselves, managing our time, and trying to steal these one minute, two minutes, three minute from there and here and do it.

Because the day will never come where we go to spend one hour a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year in a gym. Well, it won’t happen to me, I don’t know about you, maybe you have higher discipline than I do. But one minute a day here and there, here and there, I think it’s possible. One minute, 10 push-ups. You still, along the way, have ten sets of one minute, and you will get a hundred push-ups. Now, will not that be amazing? That’s example one. Another example is, many of us don’t like to read but we know that reading will make us change this. Our knowledge, our wisdom will only grow through reading. Are we engaging ourselves in the reading exercise or process on a daily basis? Again, the answer is we might not be.

Why? You know, to set aside one hour, 30 minutes a day to do a reading is a bit tricky. Why must it be one hour? Why must it be 30 minutes? Can we set aside five minutes and do some reading? Is it possible? Five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the afternoon, five minutes in the evening, five minutes before going to bed – that’s already 20 minutes. Now, is it possible for us to engage ourselves in doing that but do it consistently? By the time we know it, we are already into this reading habit, and once we have locked ourselves into this habit, we will want to read generally. So there are many more other activities that we can hook ourselves into by doing this special one minute, two minutes here and there. Maybe one day you will have that opportunity to also attend Mr. Bismark’s training where he will discuss all these with you. So from today, as part of your change process, you don’t have to make all the big plans and promise this and that in order for you to get involved in some change activity for yourself. From now onwards, focus on that small, little things.

Discipline yourself, make sure it happens. I hope this video is helpful

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